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  1. ”[…] a documentary about those who fix, love, play and wildly obsess over [Steinway grand pianos], tweaking and all but disemboweling them in search of the sublime. […] “Pianomania” isn’t a concert film; it’s a process movie and its emphasis is on how pianos are readied to be played, which ends up being enough.”

    (NY Times)

    Last night I found myself comfortably seated in a small theater at the new Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center to see Pianomania, which turned out to be the type of movie I smile through the entirety of and leave the theater saying, “That was awesome.” It’s a really enjoyable film — a remarkably entertaining documentary about a piano technician — and the above quote sums it up well: it’s about the process. I’m not someone who really offers reviews, but I do make recommendations and I highly recommend Pianomania.

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